Quality down to
the finest detail

Quality Certificates

UAB „Litalka – Elektronik“ is certified to the highest quality standards, which helps to improve the quality of production and services, also to reduce business costs and production waste by passing them to specialized recycling companies.
Quality management systems standard
ISO 9001:2015
Environmental management system standard
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 9001-2015 Kurz Litauen  litauisch-1.jpg
Unterzertifiakt ISO 14001_2015, Litauen -1-1.jpg

Company policy

  • All our personnel is responsible for:

    •  The quality, quality awareness and the environmental awareness of UAB ”Litalka – Elektronik“
    •  Compliance with applicable laws, regulations and requirements
    •  Striving for the 0-failure rate
    •  The continuous participation in improvements and advancements of the quality management and the environmental management systems
    •  The ambition to be a reliable and competent partner for all customers and suppliers
    •  The continuous review and improvement of all products and services
    •  Promoting team spirit and a good working atmosphere
    •  The preservation of our natural environment and the livelihoods of our future generations
    •  The targeted and economical use of energy and resources
    •  Minimizing waste
  • The management is especially responsible for:

    •  The regular monitoring and evaluation of the quality management and environmental management systems
    •  Actively promoting quality and environmental awareness
    •  Actively promoting personnel training and further education
    •  Providing all resources necessary to achieve the self-defined targets according to the environmental and quality policy
    •  The measurable presentation of the progress in reference to the company targets